Anuradhapura protected by UNESCO

“World Heritage Site” The capital of Sri Lanka from the 05th Century B.C. to the end of the 10th Century A.D. was the most celebrated of Sri Lanka’s ancient ruined cities. The city’s greatest treasures are its dagobas constructed of bricks and are hemispherical in shape. The most notable of these dagobas are the Ruvanveliseya dating back to the 2nd Century B.C.

is 300 feet in diameter, the Jetawanarama is 370 feet and the Thuparama Dagaba is enshrined with the collarbone of the Buddha.

The city’s most renowned relic is the sacred Bo Tree, which is said to have grown from a branch of the tree under which the Buddha gained Enlightenment. It was planted 2250 years ago and is the oldest historically authenticated tree in the world. Anuradhapura is a “World Heritage Site”.

Anuradhapura Museums: There are 4 Museums at Anuradhapura.

They are:-

(i). Abhayagiriya Fa-Hsien Museum, which contains a very good collection of artifacts found at the sites excavated in the 500 acre Monastery complex.

(ii). Jetavanaramaya Museum has a very good collection of items found at the 200-acre site including the largest and tallest dagoba in Sri Lanka.

(iii). Archaeological Museum contain large number of statues, other sculpture and many other interesting objects of art collected from the Anuradhapura District.

(iv). Folk Museum is near the Archaeological Museum and it houses a collection of objects from the North Central Province, reflecting the rural life of the people.

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