Coral Rock by Amaya Hikkaduwa

A one-of-a-kind boutique hotel done in a most charming manner. The tasteful Asian design of Coral Rock by Amaya blends luxury and comfort with warm hospitality. The hotel is located in the golden mile of the world-renowned Hikkaduwa Beach, Sri Lanka’s best-known destination for tourism, overlooking the Corals and the Famous Rock in the sea. The lively beach known for snorkeling, diving, swimming in the mellow blue waters or even just for relaxing on the golden sands is just a step away from Coral Rock.

Lie down on the hotel’s luxurious bed and enjoy the fabulous sea and the beautiful sound it makes even without leaving the room. If you would like to see the street and enjoy the view of the village or the locals doing their daily chores, the street view rooms of Coral Rock in Hikkaduwa will offer this unique experience. The lounges of the hotel, meanwhile, provide a breathtakingly view of the sea or street.

Savour exquisite local cuisine or Western dishes of your choice made by our internationally experienced Master Chef and his culinary specialist team. You can also ask the barman to mix you a cocktail to suit the moment, or open the tap for a beer or a drink of your choice in the well-stocked bar.

When the sun sets, take a walk on the main street of Hikkaduwa, where colorful shops are decorated with many antiques, dresses, and gift items. If you want to replenish your energy, you can head to the Ayurvedic Spas for a relaxing massage, have a drink at the bar out on the street, or grab a snack in the street restaurant. If you are in the mood to swing, Hikkaduwa also offers a choice of night clubs where you can tap your feet to the rhythms of tantalizing music.

At Coral Rock by Amaya, we promise you an unforgettable experience of relaxation, tranquility, and a most memorable holiday.

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