Heritage Anuradapura***

The Heritage Hotel which opened its doors in 2009 is an (50 Rooms) enchanting hotel situated in the heart of Anuradhapura. The Heritage Hotel offers a rich blend of service and quality in three star luxury living. Because of the Hotel’s Proximity to many historic sites Heritage Hotel is the Ideal launching pad to explore this great kingdom which lasted over 1400 years.

The Hotel face the beautiful Tissa Wewu tank and offers breath taking views of the three Stupas, Jetawanaramaya, Abayagiriya & Thuparamaya.

Heritage Hotel offers all the facilities of a modern hotel. This 50 room hotel has the best local and International food prepared by the most experienced chefs in the country.

It’s also having a large swimming pool for the guest to wind down after exploring this historic kingdom. Heritage banquet hall can hold up to 500 guests and the Hotel hosts many events on behalf of our customers.

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