Malu Malu Passekudah****

Ayubowan from Maalu Maalu Resort & Spas

Welcome to sunny skies, beaches of velvet sand, dazzling blue seas and tranquility. Welcome to Maalu Maalu, the hidden haven where you kick off your shoes sit back and leave the weary world behind.

Built on the concept of a traditional Sri Lankan fishing village; or “Waadiya” as it is colloquially termed, the simple ecofriendly architecture is inspired by the wooden Clad dwellings of a typical fisherman’s hut. The 40 rooms and adjoining public areas are designed to seamlessly blend with the surrounding environment. Each chalet with its cadjan roof elegantly highlights the indigenous Sri Lankan culture; the modern amenities are subtlety introduced, tastefully combining the old with the new.

Passekudah bay, situated along the east coast of the island is easily one of the best beaches to be found in Sri Lanka. Throughout the year the weather is sunny and warm. The sea is delight all of its own; calm, clear, and ideal for swimming, diving or snorkeling
Here, amidst the splendor of nature and the opulence of modernity Maalu Maalu resort extends the warm welcome to a traditional Sri Lankan hospitality.

Maalu Maalu Rooms

The resort consists of 40 rooms, each designed to accommodate every luxury you may anticipate yet it is presented with understated elegance that is a signature trademark of the resort. The cajan roof covers makes for a cool interior while the wooden structure and authentic Sri Lankan furnishing give the rooms an artistic touch.

Each rooms consists of two separate apartments; one on the ground floor and the other on the upper level attainable by an outer stairway. The ground floor units are equipped with a terrace whilst the upper level has a balcony. All rooms are designed to have a superb view of Passekudah bay.

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