Nilavali beach Trincomalee

Nilaveli Beach – Nilaveli-situated at a distance of 271 km from Colombo-15 km north of Trincomalee is a prime beach resort on the East coast. The beach has ample water sports facilities including fishing and sea angling. Nilaveli is ideally suited for sun bathing and diving. A few meters from the coast is a small rocky island good for snorkeling.

Nilaveli Beach, Sri Lanka is one of the admirable and attractive tourism locations in the Sri Lanka with the seductive white sandy beaches ‘s and the crystal clear waters. You can walk several miles in to the sea!!This calm Nilaveli Beach, Sri Lanka stretches about 6km up to Uppuweli, Sri Lanka. Pigeon Island is one of the popular destination 300m from the Nilaveli Beach, Sri Lanka, also famed for snorkeling & diving.

This could be the best beaches of the East Coast and excellent conditions for diving and snorkeling. Just off shore lies Pigeon Island that has superb coves home to the Blue Rock pigeon and a shaley beach for sunbathers looking to escape for the day. At weekends, the island is noisy and full of locals partying. Nilaveli communities are extremely friendly and many will wave as they work in the local farms and tobacco fields. The hot springs at Kanniyai are just 8km away and known for their therapeutic properties. There is some controversy as to their Hindu origin but the seven natural hot spring wells each have a different temperature. Not for swimmers but be sure to get wet!

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