Handy Crafts

Sri Lanka is known world over for her handicrafts. These products are manufactured by applying age-old techniques that have been handed down from generation to generation. These artifacts are manufactured by using only the tools particular to them and from raw materials found abundant in nature.

History mentions that crafting of these were limited to a section of people who were given royal patronage and were identified as people belonging to a specific caste (there were many castes and one such caste was in the business of making these artifacts). This type of segregation helped to give a unique identity to this industry over the times. Even today, one would find the same authentic procedures involved in the making of such handicrafts strictly observed. These handicrafts are an integral part of the Sri Lankan culture. Sri Lanka being a country in the tropics, where many a colorful facades of nature are omnipresent, it is not out of place that many of these handicrafts are quite vibrant and dramatic.

Sri Lanka has a varied heritage for of traditional crafts and arts. These products are a result of age – old techniques, indigenous raw materials and tools of natural Handicrafts are fashioned in rural Craft Centers. It was with in these Castes that traditional skills were preserved with a high degree of distinct ethnic identity; Sri Lanka handy crafts men have been able to success fully combines certain raw material in to modern Crafts. Sri Lanka is well renowned to produce exquisite handicrafts. Sri Lankan handicrafts are based largely in concurrence with natural raw materials used in historical factors with royal patronage in the past. Sri Lankan Handicrafts have vivid Color Combinations, which blends with nature.



Wood Carvings