The Rainforest Ecolodge

The Rainforest Ecolodge, Deniyaya has been critically designed to preserve and provide a sensational experience of the forest habitat in all its glory.
The (Chalets – will come above the tea bushes) symbiotically blend forest environs to comfort and privacy tendering the best possible commune with nature. Environmentally-friendly alfresco room, observation deck, lounge and meeting room form key components within each unit. Guests can also enjoy the spellbinding view from any part of the lodge.

The Rainforest Ecolodge thrives on a five hundred-acre division of the Enselwatte Tea Estate bordering the south-eastern side of the Sinharaja Rainforest, with forest reserve.

The colourful, breathtaking opera of endangered ‘local culture’ can now play every day to the concert perch of the open viewing deck dining.
The Model Ecolodge Initiative remains central to the strategy to build sustainable tourism based on Sri Lanka’s unique biodiversity richness. The Sinharaja Ecolodge will be benchmarked for ecotourism by:

Environmental best practice in design and management, following international ecotourism guidelines in Sri Lanka for the first time

Community Outreach Programmes for resident-community integration in the sustainable development process of the area in which they live

To support conservation activity in the forest buffer of the threatened Sinharaja Rainforest a UNESCO World Heritage Site

An awareness campaign building strategic alliances with academic professionals, cultural institutions, conservationists and media and the garnering of an international eco-cultural market share boosting Sri Lanka’s ecotourism potential

Independent evaluation of environmental and socio-economic sustainability with the intention of formulating an international standard for ecotourism in Sri Lanka

Guests can experience the Blinding waves of mist that appear in a split second and last just as long. 16 chalets situated among the tea patch, facing the forest canopy. Each chalet consists of a bedroom, washroom, living room and balcony.

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